Faith is something that continues to grow throughout one’s life.  It is rooted in the love of God and is nourished through regular worship and study.  One of the great gifts of the church is that we can grow together with other followers as we stretch one another’s minds and hearts in community. 


Make spiritual growth one of your goals this new school year and join one of St. Andrew’s adult classes.  There’s a chair waiting for you!


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Church School

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Church School

Nursery - Preschool - Preschool wing

Rooted in Love; Growing in Gratitude


Picture the biggest, most magnificent tree that you’ve ever seen.  Its roots probably grow four to seven times wider than its crown, and they can grow as deep as twenty feet into the ground.  Why?  The roots of trees bring most of the nutrients for life into the trunk, branches, and leaves.


In some ways we are like that tree.  Our very being draws sustenance from the limitless pool of God’s love.  Nourishing love is always there, ready for us, but if we are to access it, our roots need to grow deep and wide.  They are fed by worship, by prayer, and by study.


Are you ready to grow some deeper, wider roots this fall?


Rally Day, the traditional kick-off for fall programming at St. Andrew, offers many opportunities for just this sort of growth.  Our theme is “Rooted in Love; Growing in Gratitude, and we hope that the entire St. Andrew family will join us to start a new year of learning together.  Info on Sunday adult classes can be found here:  



Mark Sunday, September 9 at 9:45 a.m. on your calendar.  Join us on the first floor of the education building (behind the main church building and adjacent to the back parking lot) for refreshments provided by the Fellowship Committee.  Then try out a class and begin a new year of growing strong roots!

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